(n.) (obsolete) girlfriend; young woman; 'tart' or sweetheart (from cant: an unmarried female partner of a beggar or rogue; hence, later, a mistress or prostitute; Thomas Harman in his 'A Caueat or Warening, for commen cursetors vulgarely called Vagabones' (1566) notes that 'Doxes be broken and spoyled of their maydenhead by the upright men, and then they have their name of Doxes, and not afore' - which favours a derivation from cant 'dock' (of a man) + 'to fuck' (a woman); thus, 'doxie' is a woman who has been 'docked'; the amelioration of this word to mean 'sweetheart' was a 19th C. phenomenon)

Dictionary of Australian slang . 2013.


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